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Why Heart Tours?

Jeremy Smith In IsraelTen years ago, the Lord called my family and I to Israel. Since that time, we have been counseling and teaching believers in the land through Shepherd’s Heart ministry. We have seen the Lord restore broken lives through His love and truth.

Over the years, we have come to a deeper awareness of God’s ways as we search the Scriptures and discover the land of Israel. We have seen many Christians touring Israel on fast-paced bus tours, seeing ornate churches and historical sites but never visiting some of the most significant sites for believers — the Garden Tomb, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the sites of Jesus’ miracles in the Galilee region. Often these tours lacked the time to meet with the Lord, open the Scriptures, and ask questions. Out of this need, the vision for Heart Tours was born…

We want to give people time to experience and reflect on the meaning of the biblical sites which will impact their lives and journeys with the Lord. Sitting beside Lake Galilee, reading the Bible with open hearts and fresh understanding, looking at Golgatha, the place of His sacrifice, and walking through the Garden Tomb as we rejoice in the victory of His resurrection, we will grow deeper in our walk with God in a personal, relaxed setting. Together we will draw inspiration from the Scriptures, praying for new insight and direction from His Word, strengthening our spirits with truth to face a world of moral decline and unprecedented challenges.

We ask God to renew us as we walk the land of the Bible, experiencing afresh the wonder of God’s intervention in the lives of His people. As we consider the ministry of Jesus on earth, the heart of David, and the journey of Elijah and others, may we be challenged to surrender to His will and to take up the call to follow Him with all our heart, soul and strength. Jeremy Smith (Director Heart Tours)